Became the fastest woman from indonesia

Congratulations @riki_wijaya ,
For became the fastest woman from indonesia in Berlin Marathon 2019. Hard work and consistency do pay off, You are a true legend and inspiration to us all!
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Happy Running with
to #beatberlin42

About 10 days before departure, I visited @doc_veratanu to do NMAS to figure out which weak parts of my running system. Apparently, my glutes are weak; my core is more dominant, which caused my left ribs slightly wider than my right.

When there’s not enough time to fix them, Dr Vera and her team taught me how to do a glute warm up to activate them before I did all my runs and right before the race. Even a day before departure, She insisted me to do muscle released instead of sport massage. And I’m glad I did.

So on that windy and cloudy morning, I added 3 sets of each glutes warm up. And volla, I ran cramp-free (Halleluya) in a rainy race. As you can see from my happy face while running ☺

All races are meant to be hard. But with proper training and right assistance, we minimise the risk of cramps / injuries during the race. So thank you Medifit Team and Dr Vera. Will definitely come back for my next marathon project.

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